First sleep on our moving ship last night…L O V E D it….it was fairly calm but we move pretty fast so there is quite a bit of movement back and forth. Feels like a rocking cradle. I dig it. This pic is actually from our Portugal port but a better view of the whole fancy vessel than the one from our first night.

Had our first Sea Meeting last night – I am in the Mediterranean Sea and have around 80 residents – our meeting went well but there was so much to cover!

Happy to launch the process of building community on my Sea…there were some questions but mostly silence and compliance – thanks to travel overload. Had 9 students interested in representing us for Sea Council – we only need two so I will pick them at random. Will engage the others in some Sea programming and as a general feedback group – fun!

And so it begins…letting my House Fellow/RA/RD memories, skills, learnings and stories resurface. Reassuring to know I’ve got this – AND to be surrounded by supportive colleagues and friends. It takes a village – I mean ship! – to make this all happen….

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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