Out of my window looking in the night

I can see the barges flickering light

Starboard shine green and port is glowing red

I can see them flickering far ahead

Barges, I would like to go with you

I would like to sail the oceans blue

Barges, have you treasures in your hold

Do you fight with pirates brave and bold?

Last night when I came back from my Sea Meeting the view from my window caused me to gasp and then run down immediately to Margaret’s cabin to have her take a look. The sea was rolling by my window so fast and the water was rushing off the side of the ship in continuous sheets of whitecaps. Sound was on mute since I can’t open my porthole (good) so I was even more aware of each wave and every swell.  I am grateful for my view….

I felt small and significant at the same time. Huge ocean and me….and 800 friends…

Had an Activities Fair last night skillfully run by a fellow RD, Nellie – 18 groups emerging from the students in attendance ranging from interests in soccer, yoga, dance, outdoors, photography, writing, food…and more – very exciting!

And to bring you up to date, we had our first Community Event tonight – Trivia Night run by Stephen! Good times. These are evening events we hope the majority of the ship finds interesting and worthwhile. We target students to be sure but there were also Life Long Learners and Dependents (Children of Faculty/Staff/LLL – also known as Ship Kids 🙂 So fun!

Word of the Day – Fatigue. What’s yours?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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