On the way to Portugal...

On the way to Portugal..

We had our first World Cafe’ tonight. Every night at sea, I plan an event of general interest to most folks on the ship with lots of help from the RD team. Margaret did a prop-free workshop on True Colors for 118 people in 50 minutes – it was great! We have no copier on the ship, only a printer so she did it with minimal materials…well done Marg!

Our first “Beverage Service” last night. Students can buy a $60 voucher for 15 drinks (one voucher at a time) for 2 drinks max at dinner (5:30-7:30pm) and then later 3 drinks during a snack time (9-11pm). The drinks – beer or wine, no liquor, are in small 4 ounce glasses. It is a nice service that encourages mature, social drinking. During tonight’s evening beverage service, all of the RDs hung out to “observe” and be present…good behavior this night – excellent!  it is pretty strict – no backpacks or water bottles to avoid “stocking up”.  In general, the rules are much tighter than on a land campus since we are floating on big piece of metal in the ocean.

The view from my porthole last night was entrancing. The rougher seas made it almost a little scary to look out there…the ship rolls smoothly from port to starboard in a highly visible way. I like it.

We arrived Portugal today – early according to the original plan – and have what is called an IPAD – In Port Academic Day…we are here but cannot get off the ship. It has to do with class days and immigration, port/docking etc. We are also picking up more textbooks that have been shipped  to round out all the prep for students to be ready for class…

In our training before we got on the ship, our Academic Dean David Gies said that basically we create a university every time there is a new voyage. Fascinating.  And hard to get my head around – all of the infrastructure of syllabi, textbooks, class schedules, drop/add, medical clinic, conduct, residence life, student activities, orientation, wellness, recreation, dining, housekeeping….the ship Crew, UVa, International Shipboard Education, Faculty, Staff, Life Long Learners, Families and Students…happy to be on the team!

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin





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