Castle Cool

Castle Cool

Castle with a View

Castle with a View

We took a train, a bus, then a tram to get to a cool palace in Sintra (“Seenthra”), a city located –half-hour/45minutes northwest of Lisboa – a beautiful trip and fun to see some of the country side. It was raining once we arrived in Sintra so lucky for us there was a Chinese restaurant right across the street from the train station for lunch. Chinese in Portugal – well OK! It was excellent. Fed and watered before taking a bus ALL THE WAY to the highpoint in the city to see the Palace of PEna

“In 1838, King Ferdinand II acquired the former Hieronymite monastery of Our Lady of Pena, which had been built by King Manuel I in 1511 on the top of the hill above Sintra and had been left unoccupied since 1834 when the religious orders were suppressed in Portugal. The monastery consisted of the cloister and its outbuildings, the chapel, the sacristy and the bell tower, which today form the northern section of the Palace of Pena, or the Old Palace as it is known.” Check out the full story here –

Where do I start? The views were breathtaking – could see all the way to the sea on one side and miles of countryside and towns on the other. Tiles, furnishings, art…every turn brought a new wonder. We spent most of our time here, enjoying the scenery, taking pics, learning, seeing lots of “SAS-ers” and appreciating the general awesomeness and historicalness of this place.

Minor incident for me trying to get back on the train…the rest of my group – Margaret, Stephen and Joe (my boss!) had gone through the turnstyle by swiping their ticket across the reader which in turn opens the little door/gateway to go through.  I was having trouble – my ticket was not swiping properly so the gate was not opening…I saw them get on the train but they did not see me right away so I started thinking through Plan B – catching the next train, finding my way back, do I need more money, etc. At the same time I was doing a dance with a train worker on the other side of the turnstyle who I think was trying to help – he was swiping something from his side at the same time I was swiping from my side which seemed to create a “gate not opening at all effect”.  Then I tried to go through quickly behind someone else going through but the doors kept closing right on me, smashing on to my shoulders and squishing me back to the wrong wide of the gate. I would register the pain as a 6 on a 10 point scale – I am sure this is to deter others from attempting this at home. I tried each of these exit strategies a few times – back and forth between the guy on the other side swiping and me trying to go through behind someone – I would move over to where the guy is then try to go through, then they guy would come over to that turnstyle to swipe then I would swipe, then try to go behind someone. Honestly.

Thinking back now, I am not even sure the man worked for the train – but he was wearing a uniform so I just assumed….hee hee. Would like to see the video…

Apparently it was quite humorous from the other side, as Joe so kindly shared with me once I was on the train…a good laugh to be sure! No need for Plan B.

Another easy,  late dinner/snack on Deck 7…veggie burger and fries = fav…nice to have this as an option if you miss dinner. Everything about this ship is a luxury to me.

Thought for the day…stories are souviniers….and so are pictures of cats.  pic

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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