I see one!

I see one!

There are more!

There are more!

We’ve been passing along the coast of Spain and France all night – the coast is off our starboard side….but can’t always see it. Another day at sea and I was feeling better today…No seasick medicine, just sea bands plus lavender – yay!

We went on a bridge tour this morning – up to Deck 8 – it was overwhelmingly cool too see the view from there – and to see us moving forward from so high up on the ship. Mostly, my view is from the port side of the ship – out my window on the left side of the ship…or a stern view – where we’ve been. It was also humbling and reassuring to see all of the instruments, manuals and equipment – and to know that every day – all day – someone is up there scanning every inch of the horizon to keep us safe.

Just as I was lost in all of this thinking, admiring the view and getting a lite teary about how beautiful all the charts and flags looked, there were some oohs and ahs at the pod of dolphins leaping out of the water and moving across our bow. They appeared as if on cue. I’m sure the pictures don’t capture how freakishly cool this was to witness…so fast, so beautiful…then gone.

Had some wonderful conversations today, ate a life changing chocolate brownie and went to an informative Preport tonight – excited to try some new food…the language is Basque (not Spanish) the food in Bilbao is small tapas food – called Pintxos (“Peenchoes”). They are little single portion sized appetizers at most bars/restaurants. And fish called Bacalho (“Bacalow”) – should be interesting! So much learning – my brain is getting full.

What is your brain full of? (Of what is your brain full?)

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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