Little White Dots = Seagulls

Little White Dots = Seagulls

There were flocks of seagulls flying along side our ship for 2 hours last night! I saw them out my cabin window and said to no one, “Oh wow, seagulls!” and tried to capture their show on film. They would fly up into the air, coast for a while then bomb down into the water…sometimes they would ride a wave for a moment then take off again. I’m assuming there are small fish that get churned up by our wakes that create a dinner opportunity for our flying friends.

Docked in Bilbao, Spain this morning – early – I did not even feel us land – I was so tired! It was really cool to wake up in a new place…This port is very different from the last – we are a few miles from the city center so we have access to a shuttle – very nice! Free to us and runs frequently.

This port is called Getzo (Getchko). Once off the ship we have to go through a terminal then out to the shuttle. There is free wifi in the terminal which is worth a million dollars. An odd feeling to be on an extreme end of barely connected while on the ship and then the have the desperate desire to IMMEDIATELY connect and feel like the only thing I want to do is find free wifi…it’s all about balance I suppose…

A group of us, Margaret, Pat, Stephen and others, looked all around Bilbao, going in and out of stores and taking a few breaks to eat Pinxtos – little tuna sandwiches, olives/sardines on a stick, seafood bits. Nice! You go up, get a plate and walk down the counter or bar, picking up your food treasures first. After Pintxo Enjoyment, you go back up and tell them how many you had and then pay. A nice system of trust, I say.

In a fancy dollar store, I heard Kung Fu Fighting – a little strange to hear that in a dollar store in Spain! Is there a hidden meaning? What if Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting? What would that be like? and why? So many questions 🙂 Picked up only one item – an oversized deck of cards made in Denmark to use for a team building activity. Everything else was made in China – drats.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin





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