Atlantic Ocean in the Form of a Bay at St. Sebastian

Atlantic Ocean in the Form of a Bay at St. Sebastian

Necessary Chocolate Pastery

Necessary Chocolate Pastry on Way to St. Sebastian

Took a bus to San Sebastian today with Margaret, Stephen and Carly – a seaside town about an hour north of Bilbao…loved it! Nice to see some of the countryside on the way and be in the green for a bit.

Getting to places is always part of the adventure. First we had to find the Termibus station on the map and walk there…Maps R Good. Bussing, training, metro-ing, walking…totally changes my view of transportation. Not so easy as getting in the car that sits in my garage ten steps from my house, that I can fill with gas anytime I want and drive to places I know without looking at a map #appreciation.

Had a beach moment – went to put my feet into the bay – the Atlantic Ocean… “I can feel the sand beneath my toes, the beach gives a feeling, energy feeling, I believe in the faith that grows….” Third Eye Blind – thank you for they fitting lyrics!

The wind picked up…nice for a bit and so pleasant to have the air freshen and the humidity drop. Then, out of the blue the wind ramped up to the point of being pushed back along the sidewalk! Hard to move forward at all! Weird. We nipped into a gelato shop – thank goodness – and to ease our stress we had a tasty treat to ease our pain. After a while, the wind died down and we started out for the walk back to the bus. Then to metro then walk to ship – walk, walk, walk then walk and walk. Then Home…We live on a ship.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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