Spanish Kitty

Spanish Kitty

Churros and Life Changing Drinking/Dipping Chocolate

Churros and Life Changing Drinking Chocolate

One of the things I am doing here regarding souvenirs is trading Rochester Fire Department patches for Joe….found the first one in Lisboa. Just happened upon it while walking around – cool! Exchanged patches with a Bomberos at the Estacion de Bomberos – his name was Carlos and very nice! Smiling, shook hands, said be safe and thank you. Took a pic of their truck – I think that was a volunteer station.

Today in Bilbao was a little harder and a little more stressful because it was a long walk and in a squirreled away spot under a bridge. Thankfully we ran into one of our SAS faculty, John (and his Mom, Sue and John’s son Luke – he’s 10 – Luke had seen the firehouse on their travels, remembered and gave some great specifics on the location…

Jose Cuis was this firefighter’s name at the Parque de Bomberos…so kind! Even though I speak limited Spanish and he know no English, we were able to communicate – love it. Figured out with hand signals that they do not have patches but the logo is ironed on and that he would be right back. 5 minutes or so later, Jose came back out with a shirt – wonderful! He was excited that the patch was coming from Joe – Joe in US meet Jose in Spain. Alrighty then. Day-maker!

People are nice.

We stopped for a bite to eat then headed back to the ship so I could start duty at 9pm.

What was your Day-Maker today?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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