The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim

Puppy! At Guggenheim

Puppy! At Guggenheim

Duty is over and I am tired! Learning a lot about “Today’s College Student”. That is all I will say for now. I do still quite love them….AND I feel a little worried for them.

Note to self: Add “EVERY STUDENT ON OUR SHIP” to prayer list.

Went to the Guggenheim Museum here in Bilbao yesterday – soooo interesting! Modern art – which can be hard for me to understand…there was a pretty unique Yoko Ono exhibit that apparently included a piece was the one that John Lennon saw and caused him to want to meet Yoko…and then…they got together…by the way – Yoko is 80 years old – you go Girl.

This Guggenheim was designed by Canadian-American Frank Gehry – and in an unexpected way the museum turned out to be a huge success. The Basque government asked the Guggenheim Foundation in 1991 to fund this museum….and then the government and covered the cost – 100 million dollars – what everyone thought was an absurd amount of money. Frank promised the museum would bring a return which it did within a year…it was also built on time and on budget – a rare thing…more info here on this stunning piece of architectural art….it was a wonder to see…


PS. Puppy (above) is made of all flowers – cool!!!!!!

What is your wonder?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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