Secured Towels

Secured Towels

We left the port of Bilboa tonight and said adios to the shores of Spain. We sailed just out past the wind turbines on the breakwater lining the entrance to the open sea but still in sight of land. And said hello to the bay where we are anchored for the night before heading north to Scotland. We anchored out (nautical noun is “anchorage” but not the Alaska kind.)

We anchored out with one HUGE anchor off the bow with 160 meters of scope – which is 480 feet of heavy chain on a winch – enough excess to go down to the bottom and lay on the sea floor so the anchor doesn’t drag. This means we are at the mercy of the waves which makes for some interesting walking around! Happy there are railings and pillars to steady us as we pass in the passageways and along the decks. Makes me wonder what it was like “back in the day”…I cannot imagine what it must have been like to sail the seas without all of the modern conveniences…

Looking out at the water as the ship rocked back and forth was a little surreal. I see water, now sky, now water, sky water skywaterskywaterskywatersky – yikes! Sleeping was a little weird too – the rocking was a little bizarre – a head to foot movement not the usual right to left like a happy little baby cradle.

Good thing I made sure everything in my cabin was secured…clipped, stashed and stored…thanks to Patty and Jim Tompkins for the great hanger clips!

Overall, it was a long day after a long night…our teamwork was tested as an RD Team and we came through with flying colors – yay!

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin





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