Name this Location

Name this Location

Looked out my porthole this morning to see a beautiful stretch of patchwork farmland on the coast…we were moving all night so I was convinced we had sailed further toward Scotland and re-anchored. As I looked at the green shoreline I was thinking that this must be France and gosh I wondered why we are so close to land and why is the land on that side of the ship shouldn’t it maybe be on the other side. Hmm. And also, it seems France looks a lot like Spain. Huh.

Later in a quick conversation with Greg in the RD office in front of others – “Hey, so why do you think we re-anchored?” said Kristin Skarie. “What? Did we move? Are you sure? I don’t think so”, he said kindly so as to help Kristin Skarie to not appear to have completely lost her mind.

After some back and forth with Greg who remained in a kind spot and then thinking about the pretty patch of farmland but then REALLY thinking about it and a final “ohhhhhhhhhh, right” ….remembered this view was a tad beyond the view of the SPANISH wind turbines. We had not moved. There is no explanation for this mind blurt/memory blip. Or is there? I will be sure to challenge and “Staff of Concern” report that Greg files on me….do not want to have an “asterisk” in my file (hee hee.)

Anyway………..(yikes) we pulled up anchor (called “heaving anchor”) around 4pm today….felt good to be moving again…but…it is a constant challenge to walk a straight line. The added bonus is that being on the ship at sea is like sitting on an exercise ball. All muscles engaged in standing upright at all times. It offers an explanation for what seems to be overwhelming fatigue at the end of the day.

I think I am heaving my (life) anchor…metaphor at 11…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin




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