Find me...

Find me…

“In order to discover new oceans, one must lose sight of the shore”

Sea, sky, sun. That is all. Being out of sight of land is a strange thing….not at all scary but an oddly unifying, comforting thing…

Our days at sea are just that – and more structure than I desire! Here is how my day plays out:

0700-0800 Stand upright/maybe Workout (If I can peel myself out of bed on time)

0800-0830 Breakfast

0900-1100 Plan programs, check space/AV for events

1100-1200 Student Worker Meeting

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1500 Student Life Meeting

1500-1800 Plan programs, work out?, nap J

1800-1845 Dinner

1900-2000 World Café (most nights at sea)

2000-2100 Insight Lecture (most nights at sea)

2100-2300 Occasional Community Event, Beverage Service

2300          Quiet Hours!

Pretty different than my life NOT on a ship. I rarely have this structured of a day with at the same time so many variables. Things can change in a moment which I like AND there are times when decisions have to pass through many hands and that can be a little challenging…I’m sure this will all start to become routine soon…

There are other routines too – we swipe in and out going on and off the ship. At any given moment, we can tell exactly who is on ship. Great feeling of security and good to know. It’s easy to find someone but not in a creepy way. I have a white board outside my door where I leave can leave notes….AND made a sign that  let’s my people know where I am – flashback to being an RA/RD….again such an opposite lifestyle – at home I come and go with freedom and with no notification to my neighbors. Freedom yes. But now, on the ship, I don’t mind the accountability and responsibility of having 80 young people to connect with – MY residents…I like it.

What makes you feel secure, free, responsible?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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