The Esplanade

The Esplanade

Pretty Money - all the coins form a shield

Pretty Money – all the coins form a shield

We are in Greenock, near Glasgow Oh hi, Good Morning Scotland!

I got a note on FB from former Lewisburg, PA friend, Russell Manson on July 1 (feels like weeks ago but it’s just days- weird) that he and his wife Jeanie were going to be in Scotland and when would I be there so we might connect? I forgot all about it until TODAY when the FB Machine said to me….Message from Jeanie! She wrote, “I’m in Greenock and can see your ship!”

Russell grew up in Gurock – the next town over – Small World! Coincidence! Divine Intervention! Cure for Homesickness!? Jeanine and Russell lived in Lewisburg a big while back and I always wished we’d had a little more time to be friends before they moved – they are now living in NJ…I had last seen them in 2009…

I messaged Jeanie and we made plans to meet up. On the way I stopped to get a cup of The World’s Greatest Coffee, according to Bill – a new friend working in the Greenock Terminal J We walked toward each other along the seaside trail call The Esplanade.

Continued walking along the water for about 10-15 minutes then met up with Jeanie and Russell! It was so nice to see them! I felt my shoulders drop and the travel stress and homesickness run off of my back…familiar faces and reconnection – does a body good. Ahhh…the Power of Facebook!

We chatted for a bit and then Russell’s Dad, NAME came to pick up up in a car – great! Took a selfie of all of us (a “groupie”?) while waiting of course – I was just so excited that this was all working out! Sent it to Sue Mahon to make her feel included but I know she will be jealous!

Had tea and a snack of brown bread and butter after meeting Russell’s Mom and re-meeting J/R’s kids. Nice get to know you conversation…so lovely! Then went out to get back into the car to meet some of their friends for dinner. Since it had been a while in terms of being in a country that drives on the LEFT, I went around to the wrong side to get in the car…hahaha…Jeanine said matter-of-factly and judgment free of course – “go on this side, you’re in Scotland”…hee hee.

So wonderful to be with people who share a longer past with me…

What “familiar” do you or would you miss most?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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