Glasgow Rose

Glasgow Rose



More Rose...

More Rose…

Yesterday, Russell’s Dad said this as I was explaining the difficulty in keeping track of what actual day it is J This is a reference to an old time play/movie, If it’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium – not sure if that is a generational thing now….is it? So wait, well, today it’s Sunday. OK. Or Day 2 of 4 in Scotland. Yikes it is hard to keep track. Oh dear. Hard to know but do I really need to know? Anyway, had a great day…

I went on a Field Program today – at each port there are trips we can pay to go on….if we are a “Bus Liaison” we get to go for half the cost – yay!

Program today was “Mackintosh’s Glasgow” – went o the bus – just 12 of us – like a private tour! Thanks to Sue and Danny and their shop, The Celtic Exchange, I am a fan of Charles Rennie Mackintosh – a Scottish architect, artist and designer most known for his work in the early 1900s. He and his wife Margaret created beautiful furniture, paintings, and interior design features in an art deco/art and crafts style…that I ADORE and COVET. In their time, their work was quite radical and not appreciated the way it is today. The Mackintosh style – using nature, nature symbols and shapes (think gingko leaves) unusual colors, lines and florals…is all together intriguing. Seafoam green and clay grey, purple and white, pink and bright green. Most famous, the Glasgow Rose – a somewhat abstract, rounded, layered flower often atop multiple straight stems. I do love me some Mackintosh.

Frank Lloyd Wright is considered to have learned from Charles (my friend) and absorbed a lot of his methods and style. We stopped at the Glasgow School of Art – which, tragically, was damaged in a fire this past May – luckily much of it was preserved and there is a nation-wide fundraising effort to restore this treasure. We were able to tour the Reed Building (a textile and jewelry school) across the street led by a current architecture student. Open space design – very clean lines – lots of white and sea green glass walls bordering the open stairwells. There is a fresh air flow and no AC thanks to a levered windows on the sides and other skylight type windows at the top of stairwells. Cleverness.

So much more to tell about this day…tune in tomorrow…

Have a Mackintosh Day! ~Kristin




  1. Yes, the play/movie is a generational thing( mine, that is) and I am familiar with the work of your friend, Charles. I noted that his work reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright, a Wisconsin famed architect. Your Dad and I visited several Wright designed homes in the area. Beautiful in their simplicity. (Perhaps another life lesson? Hmmmmm

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