Single paper ruling my work on the ship :)

1 of 2 – These single sheets of paper ruled  my working life on the ship 🙂

2 of 2 The Academic Calendar

2 of 2 – The Academic Calendar

Quiet duty day on the ship – it’s a little cooler and I am quite content to be here – had two really nice conversations with Sue – the mom of one of one of our faculty and Jerry – a wonderful crew member at the coffee/snack bar. It’s around 1630 (4:30pm) and I am enjoying a cuppa tea and a little snack of an oatcake and a piece of cheese from Tesco’s in Scotland yum! Dinner starts at 1730-1930 (5:30-7:30pm) but I am trying to eat later so I do not snack as much later at night…when we are at sea I tend to fully participate in our regular 2200 (10pm) snack of sandwiches and cakes and cakes, sandwiches, plus cakes.

No events last night – yay! Things are warp speed at sea with only a few days for classes, meetings, and programs. Slept through the night in spite of the ongoing wild dreams I have here! AND slept in, read a little, wrote a little, rested a lot. All luxurious blessings.

Life on the ship is so interesting – I am sure we only see certain sides of things – how things run, what gets done, who works when. The crew works constantly at sea and in port. I have seen them cleaning late at night – the glass on the stairwells, polishing the railings, wiping the elevator doors. AND, magically my room is tended to every day! Rommel is my Cabin Steward – he is so kind and friendly – I keep my cabin extra tidy so as not to be a burden to him….I sure hope my residents do the same….

Do you have any luxurious blessing today?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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