Yes please.

Yes please.

Skiff Race

Skiff Race



Took the train today to a cute fishing town in County Wicklow called Bray (Bre’ in Gaelic) just 20km (12 miles) south of Dublin. Riding the train or any transportation off the ship for that matter is part of the journey. It can be challenging to figure things out but it was fairly do able today. Spent this day with Pat, a fellow staff member and new friend – easy and fun travel partner! It was an overcast day but even the worst day by the ocean is great – right?

Back in the day, Bray – “Gateway to the Garden of Ireland” – was a summer  and eventually grew to become Ireland’s largest seaside destination. http://www.bray.ie/

Once off the train, we popped into and indoor flea market and the man inside gave me an Irish poster for free! It was happy “propaganda” to inspire hope in the recent (still?) tough economic times. Wandered into a coffee place (surprise) and had a wonderful snack of brown bread, Irish butter, raspberry jam and a “flat white” coffee – espresso w steamed milk over the top and swirled in a cool design that made me feel a little emotional for its beauty (that happens a lot). Hooray for all of the above!

We walked along the beach toward a boating competition. Youth from the area were competing in open rowing boats called skiffs. There are 4 rowers and a coxswain in each skiff. The boats are much wider than rowing shells – more like dinghies. They remind me of the boats we rowed in Lifeguarding on Bradford Beach in Milwaukee! We walked up the path to Bray Head to get a better view and ended up talking to parents of one of the rowers. Dad was a rower when he was young and now coaches/supports their kid in this sport.

Then train to Dublin and now it is back to sea! The power of a tiny tugboat allowed us to do a BIG Y turn in a very narrow slice of dock water. After we pushed off, the little craft pulled us backwards, then forwards out of our berth and toward the open ocean.

We passed the GIGANTIC Ruby Princess Cruise ship and waved at the mini people – that was nice…their ship is (WAY) bigger than hours – 3000 or so on that pretty, floating piece of iron.

Two blasts on our horn signaling we were under our own power meant we were free to head out to the blue waters and sail north to Norway. It was a lovely ride out…past the breakwaters and out to sea…

Only 2 days at sea…See you soon Motherland!

Where is your Mom-Land???

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin




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