Finish in 2015!

Finish in 2015!

Yay! Happy 2015 to you! May you have love, peace and joy in this new year….

I’ve been granted another day….I would like the whole year please, but I know there are no guarantees so I will SAVOR EVERY MOMENT (Thank you for that reminder, Joe Moon!). Lots happening…and the starting point is heading into another year of Nothing New! 5 years ago my first NN Year evolved into a lifestyle overhaul. This time, I have some friends along for the ride…want to join us? A week, a month, A YEAR?


I shared this list on Good Day Rochester this week 🙂 How to get started on a Nothing New Challenge! If you are thinking of doing your own challenge, these questions can help you get your mind and heart around your purpose and plan….

1. Know your WHY – What is your compelling reason for the challenge?

2. Take stock – What do you really NEED (not want) and what do you have?

3. Establish your FOCUS – Where are your spending hot spots (trouble areas)?

4. Commit to and document your TIME period – When will you start and end?

5. Determine your BOUNDARIES – What will you “allow” and how you will track your successes?

6. Have a THEME – What word or phrase represents your challenge and can keep your why on the top of your mind?

Here is my 2015 NN Jumpstart:

WHY – Motivated by reducing my footprint, conscious consumption and financial savings.

NEED – My basic needs are met every day, God willing! AND I need an electric space heater to ease my heating bills…ordered in November – will arrive in January….other than that there is NOTHING else.

FOCUS – 1) Reducing plastic packaged purchases and how much plastic/trash I consume/produce 2)Streamline my clothing/closet situation – having a weird identity crises around what I wear…Like to have fewer nicer things but want them to be cruelty free, sustainable and made in USA…and not cost $2750. More on that later! 3)Household stuff (Home Depot!) – have some work to do but will not get tempted by the bright shiny objects…Less Spending. More Saving.

TIME – January 1-December 31, 2015

BOUNDARIES – I will allow food 🙂 Farm eggs from Fimka and Larry only, local coffee only, make my own hummus and yogurt, local and seasonal focus 2)Will allow second-hand clothing 3)Home or car repair is OK if needed. 4)Striving for a Zero Waste Home…Paper trash bags, and compost or recycle 5)House – Allowing paint for two rooms and all interior house trim 6)Garden – will allow “new” seeds and soil if needed 6)No new toiletries until all my travel size items are gone, gone, gone. PS – Done with hair coloring and nail polish as of June 2014 – I am free! Going to track my trash production, spending and prepare for a large yard sale in June.

THEME – “Finish in ’15!” – the focus is on finishing projects…I struggle with starting things and actually finishing them – especially big projects! Using the 20 Minute Rule to start….set the timer and start! (Thanks Mom!)

New Year….what if what you really need is nothing new?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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