I do love me some hummus.

I do love me some hummus.

Happy Hummus to you! I am working on the ultimate easy recipe to share (and taste)  on Good Day Rochester on January 23….this is the one!


I used fresh chick peas (garbanzo beans) I’d frozen a month ago so the hummus was a little less smooth than I am used to. Tasty nonetheless! Canned chick peas is an option but I do prefer fresh. I also used reconstituted lemon juice – of course fresh is better – but not local, so you could leave it out. I also left out the parsley which some recipes call for.

You can make a batch to enjoy now and another to freeze…I like to freeze stuff in smaller containers so I can take out what I will use. Bring it our of the freezer and let it thaw in your fridge…It’s nice to warm it up a little too right before serving.

Hummus News – in case you were wondering and want to avoid well known mistakes….and by the way, may this be your only worry today….


I am committing to homemade hummus for the year – with the end goal to continue reducing the amount of plastic I buy/use.

I must leave you now and go have a snack.

Have a Nothing New Plastic Free Day! ~Kristin


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