Former Finnish Drapes.

Former Finnish Drapes.



I am grateful for so many wonderful Semester at Sea experiences and memories….AND….a favorite is spending time with friends at an International Flea Market in Helsinki…we shopped around for cool stuff, talked, ate hearty sandwiches, sat in the sun and walked around town…THE BEST.

Purchased a few old plates, tin cups, an unusual skirt and these incredible drapes – now pillows – that hung in the summer cottage of the mother of the woman I purchased them from…my kind of souvenir. She was so nice to me! I should have bought all 4 drapes but only got 2…

When I got home, I considered keeping them as actual drapes for about a day but I am sure they would have been too busy for my space – plus I really wanted to share my FIND! So I started cutting – it felt a little wrong to be altering such beautiful fabric. All I could think about was who made the curtains, what was the cottage like, where was it, were they a big family, what was her mom like, where is here mom now?

One by one the panels turned into strips and strips turned into pillow covers. With a lot of help from My Mom Marcia, might I say. Felt like Mother-Daughter bonding time to me AND there may be a chance it may have felt more like work for her hahaha! I had a prototype I’d made in October but that was for a bigger pillow I already had…the new pillow forms I was using required some adjustments. Each pillow was different depending on the way things lined up and how the pattern was laid out.

Following some stress and a laughing fit or two with how “interesting” the final products were turning out, I got better at measuring, cutting and sewing – channeling domestic energy from Mom and Grandma – nice to have Mom here in person!  Mrs H-Something, my Jr High Home Ec teacher would be proud. Better turnout then that “sundress” I made in 7th grade that was more like a table-cloth with ties for straps. Don’t ask.

I am so happy with the pillow process and the eventual end product – most happy to give them away. Almost a spiritual event to have this fabric passing through my life, in my home country, in my HOME….and then being forwarded on to someone else…I should get me some of the labels Mom and Grandma used in all of their handmade treasures…”Made especially for you by…”

Oh and her Mom’s name was Elizabeth…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



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