W  I  N  T  E  R


…but somewhat sunny which helps!

And a space heater which HELPS ALOT (I am shouting) – 0rdered it on November 18 and received January 5 – it was back ordered.  It is a refurbished Eden Pure heater on wheels MADE IN OHIO. Is it wrong to love an appliance?

Appreciating the heat and being able to keep the thermostat at 63 and still feel OK in my home/office.

We are on a “Code Blue” here in the ROC – any time it gets below 20 degrees there is extra effort in raising awareness for the needs of our homeless. Shelters are in more need these days because of the cold and in the after-holiday donation lull.

This could be a great day for you to skip one cup of coffee and donate that amount to a shelter in your area. Every dollar helps. OR skip your coffee for a week and engage a group of co-workers or friends. This is not about feeling guilty for being able to buy a cup of coffee it is about the gratitude for said coffee (and other things you have or have access to). And about putting your wants aside for a short time to benefit someone else. Guilt is a useless emotion – feeling bad about something you did or did not do usually in the past and usually something you cannot change. Replace guilt with gratitude and you can shift your mind and heart to a future place of change.

The Open Door Mission in Rochester is a place I support –

Do a quick web search for a shelter in your area and send a few dollars – at the ODM, $14.35 provides 7 meals. That is approximately 3 tall peppermint mochas.

Do what you can when you can, close to home or far away, for friends and strangers, in your backyard or across an ocean.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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