Dress in layers.

Dress in layers.

One is the loneliest number – wait – ZERO is!

Made a decision to drive out there in the zero last night – getting to the Leaf and Bean in Chili took about 3 times as long because of the rush hour traffic and the frozen, slushy, slippery mess on the roads. Well worth the trip to have time with friends – my “Reverse Mentors” Christina and David. We had plenty of time to catch up – nice! Closed the place down at 9:30pm – living on the edge we are!

This local coffee place is a gem – great food, excellent coffee, kind staff, open yet cozy space. Original referral from Tom Priester!

I had a hearty meal of Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Tomato Basil Soup – Oh AND a Salted Carmelllllly Hazelnutty Mochachacha Lattechino. In spite of the decaf, this drink is the cause of my final 2:3oam bedtime. Darn it that sugar.

Better weather today – sunny and school is ON – it has warmed up to 13 degrees….heading to Henry Hudson School in a bit!

May you have local coffee today…or skip it!

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin




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