Let there be beans.

Let there be beans.

Pretty beans.

Pretty beans.

Beans as art.

Beans as art.

I drove out to NY Beans in Caledonia, NY today – about 40 miles on the other side of town – so worth it!  Lynda at the front office had set aside this hefty 25 pound bag of cranberry beans for me – cost $18!  That is $.72 per pound – a great price!  They are $.99 a pound at Wegman’s. Yes I drove 40 miles and…..I now have A LIFETIME SUPPLY of beans…yippee!

Here is the scoop on the NY Bean people:

“New York Bean, LLC is the largest dry edible bean handling facility in New York State. Located 25 miles south of Rochester, our location has easy access to NY/NJ and the Toronto ports, making for economical containerized shipping. We handle, process and ship Black Beans, Light Red Kidney and Cranberry Beans grown in New York State. We also handle Navy, Pinto and Great Northern Beans for distribution on the US east coast.”

NY Bean is a big supplier to Goya brand – you know them? My cranberry beans were grown in Wyoming County – only 80 miles away from me in Monroe County – I like that – vs the typical 1500 miles that most of our food travels to get from farm to your table. Where are your beans from?

In case you were wondering – here is the back story for these beauties – thank you Woodland Foods!


Cranberry Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris) are related to the Kidney Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris). Cranberries are like the Pinto Bean but reversed in color with pink skin and maroon mottling. They are somewhat plumper than the Pinto and are about 1/2 inch long. Cranberry Beans have a sweet, mild flavor. Also referred to as a borlotto, crab eye, roman, romano, rosecoco or saluggia bean. They may be interchanged in recipes wherever Borlotti or Saluggia Beans are required. Like their Mexican and Italian cousins (Pinto and Kidney), they will turn pink when cooked. They’re delicious in recipes with sweet or savory spices.

Recipes to follow – are you excited?

Have a Nothing New Bean Day! ~Kristin





2 thoughts on “LOCAL BEANS, BABY!

  1. Wow. That’s a lot of info. Where do we find recipes and where do we find cranberry beans in Wisconsin? Any suggestions?

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