Where have you bean all my life?

Where have you bean all my life?

You may find that I get funnier as the month goes on – or not. Good luck.

I soaked 2C of beans in 6C of water for 24 hours then cooked them on simmer for almost 2 hours….1.5 hours would have worked…yielded about 4C of beans when all fluffed up. I put some in little containers to freeze and kept some in the frig to eat in the next few days….

Taste test? Tastes like chicken – haha no – tastes good like a bean should – a little nutty flavor which will be tasty in my greens & beans tomorrow (swiss chard from Fimka and Larry – nice!)

A handy guide for preparing and cooking dried beans here:

Oooo – I also harvested my garlic today – – film at 11. And mowed the front lawn (my wonderful neighbor Josh mowed the back – I am so grateful!), went to the Public Market, the Fairport Market, the Used Tool store, Redbird Market, Hart’s Local Grocer with grand neighbor/friend Marcia.  A true luxury day of doing errands and getting back on track with a few things including a lot of shredding and cleaning…hooray! I shall rest now – I hope you can too.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin





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