Besides the gratitude of being home and waking up in my own bed….there is always…Laundry!  (NOTE: This last trip I woke up all 3 mornings not sure of where I was…yikes…only took a moment to remember but it is still the hardest part of life on the road to be in so many different places all the time….)

– a No Drive Day yay! Took me about 5 minutes to grate the soap (while coffee was brewing) and soon the laundry was rolling downstairs….happy are the days to have a washer/dryer in my home – that was not always the case – another gratitude touchpoint!

Thanks to Wellness Mama for her perfect “recipe” 🙂

Ingredients – all in paper or cardboard recyclable and biodegradable packaging -stellar!

-Washing Soda


-Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Bar Soap (or any kind of hard castille soap)

Ratio of 1 Soap to 2 Borax and 2 Washing Soda….I usually find the grated bar soap to yield 2.5 cups. Then I add 5 C each of Borax and Washing Soda…in the end the average cost per load (1/8C) is just under $.09….compared to other natural brands which can average $.20 a load this is a bargain – all you need is some advance planning and a little elbow grease to grate the soap.

I do recommend Seventh Generation liquid soap if you need it – comes in a cardboard “bottle” – yay! $12.99 for 66 loads….very concentrated…good stuff but a little pricey. I also like Wegman’s Free and Clear (.$10 per load for the huge bottle) but….it is in plastic – I prefer something more biodegradable.  There is very little powder laundry soap out there it seems….

Happy Monday to you – Happy Laundry – and Have a Nothing New Day ~Kristin


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