Scraped - shoulda stopped here...

Scrape then paint – how hard could it be?


Proof of  injury

Painted - Pre-glazed

Painted – Pre-glazed – finished product pics to follow…

Well. I think my newly glazed windows on the back porch turned out OK, with a lot of pane/pain but it was an “easier” road thanks to helpful tips in Steve Jordan‘s AMAZING BOOK “Window Sash Bible” and having watched him work at my house a few weeks ago. His company name Pain in the Glass (ha!) is a reflection of his humor but opposite to his open, kind, peaceful style of workmanlike ways – as my Dad used to say.

This “project” took a lot of time, patience, singing, arm strength, positive self-talk, extra putty and 7 pieces of new glass…I SHOULD HAVE ONLY scraped and painted as originally planned but “scope creep” turned the 14 (fourteen) 16×20 glass and wood beauties into a 4 day semi-nightmare – perhaps the lowest point ever of my “DIY Career”. Worse than the wallpaper removal and carpet tear up – and those were B A D. Took 2 trips to Debbie Supply in East Rochester (they are the BEST), 1 Home Depot run and hours of work and effort – it is all a blur. In retrospect, I had no business taking this on and thinking that a day of observation, some reading and a Youtube video would put me in a position to experience success. I might be lucky to be alive.

There were a few broken windows (several broken by me) initially because I was not respecting the nature of glass which I can imagine is an ongoing thing – I know a little more now but I imagine this is life long learning even for the experts. One cut finger and one cut toe – falling shard expertly landing on said toe.

Heretofore, being of sound mind and body, I announce on the World Wide Web to NEVER undertake glazing again! I bow down to Steve’s talent, knowledge and wisdom and was working hard last night to channel his calm expertise as I finished up trying to beat the pending rain and the cooler weather – and the Open House Deadline today…by the porch light, in the wind and drizzle AND with squirrels barking at me from their nearby tree nest at one point (it was a tiny bit creepy out there, I might say…). Came in at 11:39pm. Not ideal.

Therefore, I also I offer TEN THOUSAND THANK YOU’S to you Steve for everything you know and do! I am grateful and happy to count you as a new friend.

Have a Nothing New Day – and no broken windows! ~Kristin

(PS. Steve is restoration expert and made the bay window in my OLD house beautiful and functional once again – he is an artist.)