I had an internet hangover this morning. Created it myself. Yesterday, I got into looking deeper and deeper into the Paris attacks along with the accompanying conspiracy theories about Friday’s events and other world violence that made my brain twirl. All negative, hopeless, fear-producing sites and links and videos and audio…down the rabbit hole. Hung out there for way too long. Even some information that seemed accurate (?) was not really helpful to me nor did it allow me to share anything of value with others. Oh I did change my FB profile pic to a beautiful blue world peace image…insignificant on the surface perhaps but I think it was the small step that got me up and moving out of the hole. Mostly wasted time and scary, irrelevant information filling my mind and heart, it was highly unproductive and I am not smarter for it. Or more safe, or less safe.

I was resuscitated by an uplifting conversation with my Sis which led me to the exact right scripture verse for comfort. A dark day brightened. Where does your help come from? Where is your bright spot? How can you share it? Who needs a day brightener?

I vow to stay positive, kind, open, fearless and hopeful….join me?

Have a Nothing Internet News Day! ~Kristin





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