Never be Lonely

Never Be Lonely

Monday at 1pm marked the ending (or so I thought) of our Thanksgiving Weekend Pet Emergency that started on Friday night at 6pm. Buddy, my 10 year old orange tabby cat  (aka Buddy Guy, Mr. Buddy Guy, Golden Man), took a field trip to the Kitty ER for 72 hours…it was a scare but when he came home we were hoping the special food, TLC and time would get us all back on track. I was so happy Buddy was OK and home safely. I am getting him a pony.

My other cat, Curtis (aka Curtis Mayfield, Curtis Mewfield, Kitten Head, Mew Head, Monkey, Monkey Head) and I had 3 quiet nights of uncertainty and sadness. He, of course, had a lot of questions I could not answer, but faithfully stayed by my side all weekend. He also brought 2 of his little rubber chickens into the bed to help us not feel lonely.

As the TOTAL BUMMER would have it, I took Buddy back to the ER this morning for reasons not to be shared for risk of TMI. Let’s just say that I know a lot about cat bodies after this weekend. More tests, some medication and a day with the experts at this amazing place – Vet Specialists and Emergency Services…in particular, Dr, Yousef, Dr. Wyer and Martinique…

EVERY person, EVERY time was kind, caring professional and smart. My kind of humans. There were hugs, tissues and free decaf, not to mention compassion, patience and love in this place.

While siting in waiting room over the past few days, I was given instant and repeated perspective reminders – certainly an appreciation for the other pet owners (Fur Parents) dealing with more complex, sad or expensive situations than mine AND…humble reminders that so many other people in my life are managing other difficulties at this time beyond comprehension…situations of extreme loss and absolute profound testimonies of faith.  So there’s that.

I fear the Adventures of Curtis and Buddy are taking a new path AND am hopeful for some magic today at the ER…may you have hope, magic and a tiny rubber chicken to help you along your way today.

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin




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