Blueberry Soup for the Soul!

Blueberry Soup – yaaaaaas!

American Birkebeiner 1983!

American Birkebeiner 1983!

Today (Monday) was the perfect day to make blueberry soup! Cold, sunny, blue sky, a little snow on the ground (not too much – yay!) and a moment of free time for a simple joy. I like to make this in the winter with last summer’s frozen berries for many reasons – memory lane, comfort, sustenance – it’s usually my “second breakfast” around 10:30/11am when I get a hankering for something and need a work break.

My first exposure to blueberry soup was in 1983 as an American Birkebeiner “Champion” – which really means “Finisher” – ha! The Birkie is a 50K (35 Miles) cross country ski race in Hayward, WI started in 1973 modeled after the Norwegian Birkebeiner which started in 1932…More here about the Birkebeiner from the Norwegian sporting organization, Birken:

When I crossed the finish line (8 hours later for me) I heard my name announced, was presented a medal (still have it), then corralled into a shelter to ensure my survival. Most importantly, I was gifted with a packet of recovery perfection – warm blueberry soup – to ease the pain and celebrate the completion! This is a crystal clear memory for me – it was dark and cold but I was happy and relieved. In 1983, I went with a group of crew teammates – good times. In 1984, I skied with 2 great friends and we “camped” overnight in a high school classroom – glamorous travel! Don’t even ask me why I thought it would be good to do this a second time. here are other vivid memories of cold, snow, waxing our skis, thousands of people, sun, falling down, oranges at the pitstops, kind and fun volunteers…oh, and a 1 pound Hershey bar in my fanny pack as my co-pilot.

ANYWAY…back to blueberry soup! I have used this recipe over and over with great results…

I use local honey instead of sugar (1/3-1/2 C) and add a teaspoon of cardamom – my favorite spice. You can use a little flour instead of cornstarch if you want (whisk it first then add to the blubes) or arrowroot if you want gluten/corn free…probably don’t even need it…

Easy to make, enough to share and a little bit of blue summer to ease our winter blues! Now I must leave you for it is time for a little snack….

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin

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