One of my “New Year’s Restorations” was to write weekly – so here I am! I started this blog in 2010 during my year-long experiment to buy nothing new. It turned into a book, afforded me a wonderful gig as 13WHAM’s Good Day Rochester’s Green Living Expert for 2.5 years, gave me a TEDx Talk on Semester at Sea, and so many other venues to spark interest in “wanting what you have”…I am ever grateful for the opportunities! Most of my green habits from that year have carried over and the learnings have seeped into other areas of life. I have experienced the relevance of sustainability and minimalism in establishing leadership cultures (at work and on teams), in understanding family dynamics (from my auntie perspective), and in blending work and life. A healthy work-life blend IS possible and please do not let ANYONE tell you it isn’t…I mean it. More to follow as this blog evolves with Florida as my new backdrop!

Well then, it has taken me until now – on Day 77 into the year – to get it together…yay anyway! My Restorations are below – I am aware and so appreciative of the privileges I have of time, money, and physical abilities which allow me to do all of these…in the name of having a sustainable positive impact on people and the planet:

  1. Write weekly: Yup.
  2. Get back on my mountain bike: Done! Only been out once so far – going again this week thanks to a push from my neighbor who also mountain bikes. My barrier was that I needed to take my bike in for a tune-up – finally did that and now the biking chi is unblocked. I had not ridden that wonderful bike in years – so happy to be out getting out there again. There are so many places to bike and hike here – probably in your area too, check out the app called MTB Project.
  3. Get back in pool: This week also – it has been “too cold” haha – here in FL, 70 degrees is cold. No excuses…the water will always be cold and I will always be tired.
  4. Be craftsy: No more “I used to…”. Discovered Annie Sloan chalk paint and did one small shelf to reboot my inner-crafter. The paint and brushes have a high price point but are high quality and the company has highly desirable qualities – environmentally conscious, pro small business, community-focused, living wage employer: https://www.anniesloan.com/about-annie-sloan/annie-sloan-values
  5. Recommit to being vegan: Plenty of food out there besides meat! The number one question is ALWAYS – what about protein? Check this out: https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/are-you-getting-too-much-protein/ Oh and I discovered “Ripple” (no, not the wine haha), a pea protein beverage with 8g of protein…now making Vegan Stressproof Coffee in the morning with Ripple and coconut oil – yum. (Half-caf working toward decaf – pray for me).
  6. Volunteer more: Even if my contributions are small, I want to get involved in my community. I miss serving others and the connections with great like-minded people. I have done some one-time help with 4Ocean, Ground Floor Farm, and the Treasure Coast Buddy Walk but am looking for ways to be engaged more deeply with one organization. Stepped it up at church – in the kitchen AND the nursery – food and babies – yay!

So there you have it – what were your 2019 Restorations? Time to renew them?

Have a Nothing New Day! – Kristin

One thought on “I HAVE MISSED YOU!

  1. Hello Kristin!! ……. Good to see your blog up and running ……
    we’ll tune in for the updates and it will be great to stay in touch!
    Just how much free time do you have?

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