The beach is 15 minutes from my house and I go there as often as I can to clear my mind. I don’t always go IN, but a quick walk up and down gives me an immediate, essential calm. Just 20 minutes to see the blue, smell the salt, and hear the waves reboots my soul.

After my first day of substitute teaching, I was near Jensen Beach so I swung in to take a quick gratitude walk. Jensen Beach is the location of the Aaron Vaughn Memorial Open Swim in a few months so I thought seeing the race location would also be a good motivator to get back in the pool to actually train so I don’t die during the event. Anyway, I pulled a canvas bag from the trunk to pick up trash during my walk (new habit!) and set out toward the beach. In a short time, I ended up finding the items in the pic above. Mostly plastic of course – by the way – please buy less plastic!

The day at school was great which got me thinking about the potential full circle return to teaching that subbing could give me. It would be so interesting if after all this time, I became a teacher – hmmm. Way back when, I started out as a future Physical Education teacher then took a few detours bringing me to the present – a drawer full of forks in the road. The beach is the perfect place for these kinds of ponderings! As I was wandering along the shore with my thoughts and picking up trash, something caught my eye – it was a painted pink shell which stood out on the tan sand. I picked it up and turned it over to find this written on the inside:

When you learn, teach. When you have, give.

Well then, there you have it – a perfect gem. Exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Regardless of my next professional steps, I will always be learning and can therefore always be a teacher. I have so much and will keep giving what I can. An unexpected treasure of wisdom on a regular day. May you have a gem today!

Have a Nothing New Day! – Kristin

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