FINISH in ’15

Tiny Lavender Miracles

Tiny Lavender Miracles from 2015

“FINISH” was my 2015 One Word Resolution and it has served me well! I am a procrastinator from birth so large projects usually feel overwhelming and impossible. As much as I am future dreamer and big picture gal, the large scope jobs and the follow up/follow through are my biggest challenges…loads of great ideas and then the details start to block me from completion. Somehow it gets done BUT, I am learning to minimize the pain of START to get to the joy of FINISH – sooner and with less sweat and tears.

I am a Finisher-in-Training. Yes, I am a F.I.T.

Everyday I ask myself, “What can I finish today”? Even if it is a smaller piece of a larger project, I can say, “I am going to finish raking THIS part of the yard, painting THIS section of the cupboards, tidying up THIS section of my office, putting THIS pile of files away, THIS section of the report. Knowing there is a finite chunk of the project to get me started and underway is a motivator to get to the finish.

I finished a few small tasks this past weekend with large gratitude…see above 🙂 Plus, harvested the dried lavender (see pic) I cut all summer/fall for future projects, decluttered 2 drawers resulting in many items to donate, and am about to wrap up an article on “The DNA of Leadership” for Alpha Lambda Delta’s magazine (a class act national honor society for first year college students – yay!) The article was broken down into 5 steps to finish one at a time:

  1. Outline (DONE)
  2. Draft #1 (DONE)
  3. Share with a few trusted friends and allies 🙂
  4. Draft #2
  5. Send for approval

I originally had Write ALD Article on my to do list and it was there for weeks – even though I was “writing it in my mind” and I was confident in the content, the article was not writing itself – if only! Thankful for a kind reminder, I lifted the dam and created the outline – hallelujah! When I broke it down into 5 steps, I enjoyed the “check it off” process more frequently and it keeps me moving along…and now almost done – more yay!

When I finish the article, I will reward myself with a tiny and extraordinarily delicious cup of Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate.  All is well.

What can you finish today?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin



Breaking Vegan

Breaking Vegan

Greetings Loved Ones,

Thinking of you all and how you are getting along these days…so much happening in the world – so complicated – then in glaring contrast my simple daily living is still in progress. My decisions right now – this week, today – are around what to bring for Thanksgiving, what to eat for breakfast, what work project to start on first and what stuff to donate as I continue to pack up for a move…simple. Thankful x infinity.

Reminded (and thankful) there is plenty of house-work to do as well before “it” (in whispered voice, “winter”…) arrives. I look out on the fresh dusting of “S” on my garage roof this morning am reminded of the space underneath that roof that still needs some cleaning attention before it gets too cold. Oh and more thankful for the garage place to store stuff and space to shelter my vehicle…oh and that I have a vehicle…that works….ah, the Gratitude Spiral and a positive Havitude!  I truly have so much….

Up North as we prepare for “W”, I have given into the urgency of buttoning up and hunkering down for the next 4 months of dark, gray, cold, and wet days….oh and crisp mornings, bright blue skies, warm woolen mittens and the happier side of winter…the cosy-ing up side of winter, the pleasure in the routine of bringing thing inside and putting things away for a while…warmer food, warmer clothes, warmer hugs, warmer feelings….in spite of (or because of?) the cold.

The Danes call it HYGGE (pronounced hYOOguh) – the idea of “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family – that’s hygge too. There’s nothing more hygge than sitting round a table, discussing the big and small things in life.” (from the Visit Denmark website)…I am also sure that hygge is eating half of a kringle from the O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, WI (available at Trader Joe’s in Rochester, NY  – in one day. Yasss.

And from this article in the UK newspaper The Telegraph…

“the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things”.

Which means I must start referring to Winter by its full name and Snow by its proper title to fully embrace the season instead of dreading it or trying to survive it! Ok, then Denmark, I am on board.  Bring on the warm and keep my heart focused on the happy, the positive, the cosy, the joy and the bright side….light overcomes dark, warm tramples cold, peace envelopes hate and love wins.

Have a Hygge Day! Kristin







Choosing  homemade vegan biscuit stones today

Choosing homemade vegan biscuits today even though they are like tiny little rocks…

Appreciating the freedom to choose today…and having access to the resources to allow the choice (financial, social, emotional, intellectual, political, religious)….

To read or not read, engage or not, voice or stay silent, what and when to eat, buy used or new, buy fresh produce or canned, worship or not, share or not share, be there or opt out, look or look away, turn off the TV, what route to drive, to drive at all, respond with kind/neutral/mean behavior, choice to use credit/bankcard/cash, to read in my first language or have to translate…

Pondering this…did you have choice today?

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin




I had an internet hangover this morning. Created it myself. Yesterday, I got into looking deeper and deeper into the Paris attacks along with the accompanying conspiracy theories about Friday’s events and other world violence that made my brain twirl. All negative, hopeless, fear-producing sites and links and videos and audio…down the rabbit hole. Hung out there for way too long. Even some information that seemed accurate (?) was not really helpful to me nor did it allow me to share anything of value with others. Oh I did change my FB profile pic to a beautiful blue world peace image…insignificant on the surface perhaps but I think it was the small step that got me up and moving out of the hole. Mostly wasted time and scary, irrelevant information filling my mind and heart, it was highly unproductive and I am not smarter for it. Or more safe, or less safe.

I was resuscitated by an uplifting conversation with my Sis which led me to the exact right scripture verse for comfort. A dark day brightened. Where does your help come from? Where is your bright spot? How can you share it? Who needs a day brightener?

I vow to stay positive, kind, open, fearless and hopeful….join me?

Have a Nothing Internet News Day! ~Kristin






World Peace

World Peace

As I worked alone (with help from Curtis and Buddy) in my quiet home yesterday – making pet beds and other goodies to share on Good Day ROC this morning – I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the luxuries I enjoy on a daily basis…Food, clothing, shelter, love, security.

It was a sunny, warm(er) day, windows open a bit for some fresh pre-Winter air. A day to rest. I could hear neighbor kids a few doors down, rustling leaves, flag flapping, squirrels on the porch “hiding” walnuts from the trees in back, wind in my big pine tree out front. All luxuries.

Peace….and prayers for peace…

and Pet Beds….

sweater pillows

Have a No Where To Be, Nothing New, Peace-Filled, Pet Bed Day ~Kristin




Scraped - shoulda stopped here...

Scrape then paint – how hard could it be?


Proof of  injury

Painted - Pre-glazed

Painted – Pre-glazed – finished product pics to follow…

Well. I think my newly glazed windows on the back porch turned out OK, with a lot of pane/pain but it was an “easier” road thanks to helpful tips in Steve Jordan‘s AMAZING BOOK “Window Sash Bible” and having watched him work at my house a few weeks ago. His company name Pain in the Glass (ha!) is a reflection of his humor but opposite to his open, kind, peaceful style of workmanlike ways – as my Dad used to say.

This “project” took a lot of time, patience, singing, arm strength, positive self-talk, extra putty and 7 pieces of new glass…I SHOULD HAVE ONLY scraped and painted as originally planned but “scope creep” turned the 14 (fourteen) 16×20 glass and wood beauties into a 4 day semi-nightmare – perhaps the lowest point ever of my “DIY Career”. Worse than the wallpaper removal and carpet tear up – and those were B A D. Took 2 trips to Debbie Supply in East Rochester (they are the BEST), 1 Home Depot run and hours of work and effort – it is all a blur. In retrospect, I had no business taking this on and thinking that a day of observation, some reading and a Youtube video would put me in a position to experience success. I might be lucky to be alive.

There were a few broken windows (several broken by me) initially because I was not respecting the nature of glass which I can imagine is an ongoing thing – I know a little more now but I imagine this is life long learning even for the experts. One cut finger and one cut toe – falling shard expertly landing on said toe.

Heretofore, being of sound mind and body, I announce on the World Wide Web to NEVER undertake glazing again! I bow down to Steve’s talent, knowledge and wisdom and was working hard last night to channel his calm expertise as I finished up trying to beat the pending rain and the cooler weather – and the Open House Deadline today…by the porch light, in the wind and drizzle AND with squirrels barking at me from their nearby tree nest at one point (it was a tiny bit creepy out there, I might say…). Came in at 11:39pm. Not ideal.

Therefore, I also I offer TEN THOUSAND THANK YOU’S to you Steve for everything you know and do! I am grateful and happy to count you as a new friend.

Have a Nothing New Day – and no broken windows! ~Kristin

(PS. Steve is restoration expert and made the bay window in my OLD house beautiful and functional once again – he is an artist.)




Besides the gratitude of being home and waking up in my own bed….there is always…Laundry!  (NOTE: This last trip I woke up all 3 mornings not sure of where I was…yikes…only took a moment to remember but it is still the hardest part of life on the road to be in so many different places all the time….)

– a No Drive Day yay! Took me about 5 minutes to grate the soap (while coffee was brewing) and soon the laundry was rolling downstairs….happy are the days to have a washer/dryer in my home – that was not always the case – another gratitude touchpoint!

Thanks to Wellness Mama for her perfect “recipe” 🙂

Ingredients – all in paper or cardboard recyclable and biodegradable packaging -stellar!

-Washing Soda


-Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Bar Soap (or any kind of hard castille soap)

Ratio of 1 Soap to 2 Borax and 2 Washing Soda….I usually find the grated bar soap to yield 2.5 cups. Then I add 5 C each of Borax and Washing Soda…in the end the average cost per load (1/8C) is just under $.09….compared to other natural brands which can average $.20 a load this is a bargain – all you need is some advance planning and a little elbow grease to grate the soap.

I do recommend Seventh Generation liquid soap if you need it – comes in a cardboard “bottle” – yay! $12.99 for 66 loads….very concentrated…good stuff but a little pricey. I also like Wegman’s Free and Clear (.$10 per load for the huge bottle) but….it is in plastic – I prefer something more biodegradable.  There is very little powder laundry soap out there it seems….

Happy Monday to you – Happy Laundry – and Have a Nothing New Day ~Kristin





…and happily, there was a pint of blubes in my frig – oh Joy! Rapture!

A simple joy to have the ingredients on hand and the time to make this treat…not taken for granted! Fresh NY blueberries and real maple syrup supplemented with non-NY flour, sugar, cinnamon, oats, and coconut oil…I left out the lemon juice and cooked it for 25 minutes.  It is kind of perfect. Makes one serving haha.  I have “cheated” on my month of NY Only Foods and I’m not mad…forgive me?

That is all.

Love, Kristin

Have a Nothing new Fresh Fruit Crisp Day!




Bean Spread and Roasted Peppers

Bean Spread and Roasted Peppers

Here is my first cranberry bean treat – I added some olive oil, salt and pepper to a scant cup of cooked beans and heated them up – mashed ’em with a fork and made a spread out of them – yum!  Added a little Wegman’s Spicy Green Sriracha (not local) and topped if off with some roasted peppers I had made this past week…delicious and filling. I bought the locally made bread (Baker Street Bakery – Park Ave in the ROC) from Red Bird Market in Fairport.  Life is good.

More recipes to come….

Oh, I am by the way, allowing some non-NY foods this month – grateful to have the means and access to these supplemental foods – now that I am vegan (since March 13, 2015 – Thank you Jeannett Manzanero at Palm Beach State College!) I am adding these items in to make it a little easier – other than these, I will be eating only NY fruit, veg, beans, bread, grains, & pasta/pasta sauce.

-Olive oil

-Coconut oil


-Coconut and almond milk

-Vega brand protein powder

AND, when I travel, I will eat natural foods grown or made within 100 miles of where I am at the time – heading to PA a few times as well as IA this month – fun! I will bring a cooler of NY provisions when possible but when needed will Farm Stand It to get what I need for eats.

Hope you have BEAN able to rest a little today (note what I did there…bean instead of been)

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin

PS – I canned peaches today – channeled my ancestors and honored the former residents of this old house, who I am guessing canned their share of peaches in this very kitchen.  Photos pending.