Home is where Curtis and Buddy are…

8 hours sleep  last night…plus 4 more hours added on to that – eventually stood upright around 1pm. A luxury? Yes! Today a necessity…thankfully no booked appointments – plenty to do but nowhere to be. A relief.

I had been on the road for 11 days – 4 flights (there and back), 4 different events, 4 different sleeping locations, 100s of people…

Plus meetings, conversations, workshops, meals, presentations, trains under our hotel, basketball on tv (everywhere), elevators, escalators, hugs, smiles, well wishes, walking, walking in high heels, more walking, donating high heels, time with friends, listening, sharing, crying, learning, affirming, deciding, revealing, celebrating, observing, participating, planning, wondering, traveling, ending.

About to end my day and get another 8 hours. Grateful to have the means to do so.

That is all. Oh and may you have a restful slumber…

Have a Nothing New Day! ~Kristin


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